A place where

postive outcomes

come first

We're a team of digital experts conscious about where the world is headed

We help people to figure out what the right digital things to make are, and then how to best design and build them. We’ve fine tuned this over the years, with some of the world’s leading brands. Today, we use our collective experience to strengthen the efforts of the people who are driving positive and impactful change in the world.

Ultimately our craft is the creation of digital ‘things’ like apps, platforms and websites. We approach this pragmatically so that we can quickly learn and improve what we build. Whilst always giving precedence to purpose, so that we’re considering the best possible outcome for people and the world they live in.

Elsewhere's designs for the foundgood platform

We enable positive change by partnering with the people who create it

Everyone has the ability to make positive change, though this can mean many things to many people. We focus on helping organisations within social enterprise and civil society, from NGO’s and foundations to impact start-ups and CSR departments.

A business that puts people and purpose first

As Elsewhere, we see an opportunity to re-think what matters most in business. By bringing purpose and people to the forefront, we believe it's possible to create a business that builds a better, more sustainable world, and still drives profit.

We take this seriously and it plays out in almost every aspect of how we run our business, from the way we partner with people and the projects we work on to the coffee we buy.

Everything starts with a conversation

Whether you want to work with us, colaborate on a project, or generally debate where the world is heading, just give us a call or drop us an email.

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